Student Session 4 — Water is Best, Be Sugar Smart

Materials and Instructions for Student Session 4

1. Student Session 4 PowerPoint Presentation

2. Handouts:
Water Tracker – to be given out as Homework at end of session

3. Interactive Activity: “Hidden Sugar” Demonstration Materials

• Box of Sugar
• Teaspoon
• Clear Cups
• 3 Index cards each labeled with one of the following:
a) Coke (10 tsp)
b) Gatorade (9 tsp)
c) Capri Sun (4 tsp)

1. In-class Presentation:  

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, present the FTPL Student Session 4 to your students.
  • There will be one interactive activity in this session “Hidden Sugar” 
    • This demonstration will reinforce visually how much sugar is in each of the beverages. It is crucial to use clear cups or glasses for the demonstraion as students must see the amount of sugar in the glass.
    • Have three student volunteers choose one of the 3 index cards. Have each student then measure out into the clear cup the number of teaspoons of sugar in the beverage on their index card. Place the index card in front of the cup of sugar in order to illustrate the sugar content of each of the beverages.
    • Discuss the amount of hidden sugar we consume when we drink sugar sweetened beverages.

2. Homework: Water Tracker Handout — Instruct students to keep a water tracker log for one week and bring to next session.  Reinforce that water is the beverage of choice.