Parent Session


The Parent Session:

Why do a Parent Session?  Making healthy choices begins as home. Parents are a crucial component in raising children with good eating habits and who make healthy lifestyle choices. Parent sessions are an integral part of the FTPL program and can be taught by the school nurse or other FTPL school coordinators.

Materials and Instructions for The Parent Session

To host a parent session schools will need to either use the Parent Session Powerpoint below or the FTPL Video

1. Parent Session PowerPoint Presentation


3. The Parent Guide:  A Parent Guide handout can be created by downloading and printing the following materials:

Publicize your Parent Event:

The FTPL Flyer and Parent Letter can be used to publicize the event (both found under the Materials for Schools tab). 

Have A FTPL Doctor Come to You:

At times, if our schedule permits a FTPL doctor can come to your school and present the program to your students’ parents. Please contact our Program Coordinator at, to request a date.

The host school will be responsible for promoting and coordinating the event. A FTPL Flyer and Letter to Parents is available under the Materials for Schools tab to help publicized the event. The host school will also need to provide a computer with powerpoint, an over head projector, and copies of The Parent Guide Handouts (one for every attendee either in English or Spanish) and a translator if needed.

Please understand that given our doctors’  schedules and the number or requests we receive, that these visits are very limited.

But we are always here to help you run a successful parent program with the materials provided above.