Student Session 5 — Let’s Get Moving!

Materials and Instructions for Student Session 5

1. Student Session 5 PowerPoint Presentation
2. Handouts:
Pledge Sheet
Activity Log – to be given out as Homework at the end of session
• Student Post-TestStudent Post-Test (Spanish)
Feedback Survey – StudentsFeedback Survey (Spanish)

3. In Class Reinforcement (optional): There is an optional in class reinforcement available for this session. In class reinforcements, allow teachers to reinforce healthy habits while teaching core subjects such as writing and math. In Class Reinforcement for Session 5


1. In-class Presentation:

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, present the FTPL Student Session 5 to your students.
  • There will be one Physical Activity Break during this session.

2. Homework: Activity Log Handout – Instruct Students to record their physical activity for 1 week.

3. Pledge sheets: These should be filled out during the session and signed by the students. Students should be instructed to bring the Pledge Sheet home and review and sign it with their parents.

4. Post-Test and Feedback Survey:  At the end of the course, students should be given the Post-Test and Feedback Survey so that the effectiveness of the course can be evaluated.