Student Session 3 — Healthy Food For A Healthy Life

Materials and Instructions for Student Session 3

1. Student Session 3 PowerPoint Presentation

2. Handouts:
My Food PlateMy Food Plate (Spanish)
Build a Healthy MealBuild a Healthy Meal (Spanish)
100 Calorie Snack100 Calorie Snack (Spanish)
Food SubstitutionsFood Substitutions (Spanish)
Eating The Colors Of The Rainbow – to be given out as homework at the end of the session

3. Interactive Activity: Learning food groups and recognizing healthy foods using handouts
4. Healthy Snack Food Presentation (optional):  Ingredients for fruit kabobs, see below for recipe
5. In Class Reinforcement (optional): There is an optional in class reinforcement available for this session. In class reinforcements, allow teachers to reinforce healthy habits while teaching core subjects such as writing and math. In Class Reinforcement Session 3

1. In-class Presentation:

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, present the FTPL Student Session 3 to your students.
  • Healthy Snack Food Presentation: kabobs can be made ahead of time or students can assemble in class as part of lesson
  • There will be one interactive activity in this session “Build A Healthy Meal/My Food Plate” 
    • The students can work alone or in groups.
    • Using the Build A Healthy Meal and the My Food Plate Handouts encourage students to brainstorm foods that fit into each food group and also meet the Healthy Meal requirements.

Homework: Eating Colors of the Rainbow Handouts – Instruct students to record what fruits and vegetables they eat on rainbow chart. This chart can be used in class with the optional Session 3 reinforcement activities.

Healthy Snack Food Presentation (optional):
Fruit and Veggie Kabobs

(cost per student: $0.94)
Kabob sticks
1 box of wax paper
strawberries cut up
green bell peppers
red bell peppers
bananas cut up
low fat string cheese sticks cut into pieces
cantaloupe melon balls
apple cut into chunks
cucumber slices