Student Session 1 — Why be Healthy?

Materials and Instructions for Student Session 1

1. Student Session 1 Powerpoint Presentation

2. Handouts:
Student Pre-TestStudent Pre-Test (Spanish)
Treasure Map to Health Treasure Map to HealthTreasure Map to Health (Spanish)
Guide to Health InsuranceGuide to Health Insurance (Spanish)

3. Demonstration Materials:
• You will need 1 backpack filled with books

1.  Pre-Test: Prior to beginning session, have students fill out Pre-Test and collect. Hold on to Pre-Tests until end of program series and return them to FTPL Program Coordinator.

2. In-Class Presentation:

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, present the FTPL Student Session 1 to your students.
  • There will be one physical activity break during this session. Have kids do one of the following for 1 minute:
    Walk in place for a minute Jumping Jacks for a minute  Another physical activity of your choosing
  • There will be 1 interactive activity in this session “The Backpack Demonstration”
    One backpack filled with books
    Two volunteers from the audience

    1. Have one volunteer put on the heavy backpack. Now, have both volunteers do jumping jacks for 20 seconds
    2. Then have the students switch and do jumping jacks for another 20 seconds.
    3. Emphasize how much harder it is to do these activities with the extra weight of the heavy backpack.
    4. Have the volunteers describe how it felt, if they thought it was harder than usual, and if they felt any pains and strains on their bodies.

3. Homework: Instruct students to bring in nutrition labels from food packages for use during Session 2.