Materials for Schools


Materials for Getting Started:

The FTPL Instruction Manual has everything you need to run a FTPL program at your school.
Should you need any further assistance please contact the FTPL team at 

Instruction Manual

Also included is a flyer to poster around school to publicize your events.

FTPL Flyer

The Letter to Parents can be sent home to explain the FTPL program and
re-enforce the importance of what their children will be learning.

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents (Spanish)


Pre- & Post-tests:

The FTPL Curriculum includes Pre and Post tests for both students and their parents.
These are available in both English and Spanish. These tests can be used to evaluate the strengths
and weaknesses of your students as well as the effectiveness of your program.

Student Pre-TestStudent Pre-Test (Spanish)

Student Post-TestStudent Post-Test (Spanish)

Parent Pre-TestParent Pre-Test (Spanish)

Feedback Surveys:  

There are feedback surveys for students and their parents to evaluate the program and presenters.

Feedback Survey – Students & Parents (Spanish)

There are also feedback surveys for presenters and schools to evaluate the FTPL program and submit feedback.

Feedback Survey Presenters

To submit feedback materials to the FTPL team please email surveys to or
send to AAP CA-2: FTPL, Box 527, 4067 Hardwick Street, Lakewood CA  90712