Student Session 2 — You Are What You Eat

Materials and Instructions for Student Session 2

1. Student Session 2 PowerPoint Presentation

2. Handouts:
Food LabelsFood Labels (Spanish)
Food Labels 2Food Labels 2 (Spanish)
Build a Healthy MealBuild a Healthy Meal (Spanish)
Food LogFood Log (Spanish) – to be given out as Homework at end of session

3. Interactive Activity: Nutritional Labels from food packages. If students were asked to bring in labels for homework at the end of session 1 use those labels.

4. In Class Reinforcement (optional): There is an optional in class reinforcement available for this session. In class reinforcements, allow teachers to reinforce healthy habits while teaching core subjects such as writing and math. In Class Reinforcement Session 2

1. In-class Presentation:  

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, present the FTPL Student Session 2 to your students.
  • There will be one interactive activity in this session Food Label Analysis” 
    • The students can work alone or in groups.
    • Show students how to use the Food Label Handouts to to evaluate the labels they brought in from home to determine if the food is healthy or not.

2. Homework: Food Log Handout — Instruct students to keep a food log for one week and bring to next session.